Make your important diamond purchase safe, informed and value-added.

Knowing that your diamond has not been treated for clarity or colour, or that it isn't man-made or synthetic altogether is of utmost importance as the techniques for diamond treatment and manipulation have grown complex and harder to detect.

With all the new information and misinformation surrounding diamonds, it can be difficult to navigate. With 35 years of diamond buying experience, we can guarantee to avoid any pitfalls and deliver a diamond best suited to you and your requirements.

Choosing A Diamond -- THE 4 C'S

As a certified Graduate Gemmologist, I can help with one of the most important buying decisions with regards to diamonds, coloured gemstones, and other jewellery.

We can set up a consultation to ensure the value and quality that you are looking for is what you end up with.

We source diamonds that are conflict-free, in compliance with the Kimberley Process, and Canadian-made diamonds also.

By comparing various diamond suppliers we can ensure the best quality and value in whatever range you are looking for, and I encourage clients to compare to see the difference I can bring to their diamond purchases.

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
- Leo Robin


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