Whether repairing your jewellery or restoration of a cherished family heirloom, Karbi’s years of experience will work with your plans plus inspire other options you may not have considered. We specialize in not only repairing but modernizing older pieces to create a new sentimental items you will love and cherish.

Trust us to maintain your timepieces. Expert repairs by trained, certified clock and watchmakers for any brand of watch. All original parts used, and work is always warrantied. House calls can be arranged for clocks, watches, and jewellery.

Watch and Clock services

At Karbi Jewellers we service all brands and types of watches and clocks. All services are fully warranted. Karbi Jewellers uses only original parts and will ensure to work within you warranty. Contact us today for more information.


"You're the one who makes jewellery shine. So wear it with your style—and your love."


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